How to get Airsoft Guns Online?

If you are unaware of airsoft guns and are a little skeptical about the title, don’t worry we are here to clear all your misconceptions. Airsoft guns are used by fans of hardcore adventure sports who love enacting military situations with gunplay. Want to know more about airsoft guns? Read on to find out.

Airsoft guns are a replacement for the messy sport of paintball. This may be a dryer and cleaner version of paintball. This game involves shooting each other with soft pellets instead of wet paint. Provided the participants wear good protective gear, gunplay with airsoft guns are safe and can also be used in training novice military aspirants.

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There are three types of Airguns which you may consider buying:

  • Pneumatic System Air Guns: These guns used compressed air to fire the pellets.
  • Spring-Piston Air gun: These guns use a spring mechanism along with compressed air to fire the pellets.
  • CO2 air guns: These airsoft guns use compressed CO2 to fire the pellets.

No matter what the type, all these varieties of airsoft guns are easily available online. The best online airsoft guns may be very difficult to come across due to the wide range of varieties that are available online. Online airsoft guns may also be a little difficult to come around due to legal issues and the country’s safety regulations. To purchase the best online airsoft guns, make sure you do proper research and consult someone experienced like gearup airsoft Canada before you dive in and purchase one.

Considering the sentiment that guns hold, in some countries, many varieties of airsoft guns are banned. However, the following types of airsoft guns are legal and can be purchased easily without facing any consequences.

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A controlled airsoft gun is one that fires pellets at or around the speed of 500 feet per second. To own a controlled airsoft gun you will have to get yourself registered just like you would have to for any other firearm.


This kind of airsoft gun is completely banned in Canada. These airsoft guns are designed to look like actual firearms. For an airsoft gun to be included in this category, it would have to be able to fire 20gm 6 mm pellets with a nozzle velocity of under 366 FPS. The kids toy guns that are available in general stores are colorful and do not resemble a real gun in any way. However, if you make any attempts to make your airsoft gun look like a real gun by spray painting it, you could be inviting some serious trouble. Any gun that doesn’t even minutely resemble a real gun and fires with a nozzle velocity below 366 FPS is completely legal and can be easily brought or sold in Canada without attracting any unwanted consequences.

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These kinds of guns have a velocity in between 360 or 500 FPS and do not require registration. These guns may resemble a real firearm, but due to its milder velocity, it is more accepted and completely legal in Canada.

Airsoft guns may seem like a harmless way to enact real-time gunning situations. However, make sure that you use the best protective gear to avoid any unwanted situations. Children should always be supervised when playing with airsoft guns.